International Conference, 24-27 November 2020, Digital

A focus on technologically-anchored changes in the production of material culture has historically been fertile ground for research. Measurable and readily recognizable changes in craft practices, precipitated by emerging technologies, reflect the process of negotiation between old and new, offering opportunities to interrogate the nature of the societies in which these technologies were emerging. As scholarship and research activity develops around a particular type of technological development, it becomes necessary to seek broader patterns in the nature of that technological change, specifically the way that it manifests across different archaeological contexts. Similarly, such an exercise is an invaluable opportunity for discussing the modes through which change is examined, where scholars exchange information relating to successes and pitfalls they have encountered over the course of their research programs.

Archaeological Approaches to the Study of the Potter’s Wheel will provide a forum for scholars interested in the way that the potter’s wheel was taken up by craft practitioners through prehistory, history, and the present. The conference will take place from 24-27 November 2020, and will include paper presentations, roundtable discussions, and practical demonstrations from participants.

In the coming months, this website will be updated with practical information relating to the conference, including the schedule of events and the abstracts of participants. Please note that this conference will be entirely digital in light of the novel coronavirus pandemic.